The Dobermans

Artists/Band: The Dobermans Music Genre : Rock Other Genre: Indie Website or Social Media Page Bio Seemingly making something out of nothing, Chris Doberman makes highly original music from his self taught, ear trained musical talents and his somewhat unique perspective. Chris is a prolific songwriting working in many styles, despite being permanently disabled. […]

Blue Saint Shelby

Artists/Band: Blue Saint Shelby Music Genres: Alternative/Ambient/ hard rock websites : , facebook and twitter Bio Blue Saint Shelby is an all-original studio band based out of Louisville Kentucky. It consists of its 2 founding members H. page mills and Phil gatton. We are inspired by all genres of music. There are no bounds […]


Artists/Band : Vikho Music Genre : Rap Other Genre: Latin urban reggaetom Websites or Social Media Pages Bio Vikho an artist since he was 13 years old, music was always part of his life. First gig was petit campus with friends and family sharing same ideas of different expression for the music. Radio, […]


Artist or Band Name : Raheyyu Hope Music Genre : RnB Other Music Genre : Alternative Websites or Social Media Pages @Raheyyu_Hope Instagram @raheyyuhope TikTok Bio Raheyyu Hope is an aspiring singer/songwriter and has been singing since the tender age of 10 years old at a baptist church in Newark, N.J. She transitioned to […]


Artists/Band : DANIEL Music Genre : Folk Other Genres: World Websites or Social Media Pages FRIDAY, MAY 15th! 8pm! Daniel Stoin will be performing for one night only! Daniel is a Vietnam Combat Veteran who’s life passion is to help Veterans like himself and all of those who’s lives have been affected […]


Artist/Band : SUPERHEX Music Genre : Rock Other Genres: EXPERIMENTAL, FUNK, BLUES Website or Social Media Page Links to Where My Music Can be Purchased Other Social Media Links

Awaiting Autumn

Artist/Band : Awaiting Autumn Music Genre : Rock Other Genres: Alternative Website or Social Media Page Bio Awaiting Autumn is an American Alternative band from the foothills of northern California, United States. The band formed in 2010 from a collection of siblings who love music and believe in how powerful it can be. Our […]

Rick Lawndale

Artist/Band : Rick Lawndale Music Genre : Rock Other Genres: eclectic Website or Social Media Page Bio Rick Lawndale is a songwriter and musician from Southern California. He has been writing and performing for over 40 years. His career started in the eighties when he performed at folk clubs and opoen mikes. Later he […]


Artist/Band : Tich K Music Genre : Rap Websites or Social Media Pages Richard Kinloch, What Musical Genre Do You Feel Best Describes Your Music And How Would You Describe Your Sound?I would say my sound is amateur but it is rap How Did You Get Your Name? Is There A Story?I got the […]


Artists/Band : Stag Stonebreaker Music Genre : Blues Websites or Social Media Pages Facebook, Reverb Nation, BIO Staggerlee Stonebreaker was formed in the autumn of 1993, the brainchild of Lance Boyle, an unemployed parolee from Stoughton, Massachusetts. Boyle claimed to have seen God during a period of “quiet dissipation” and received divine instruction to […]