Our audience are more open-minded than mainstream listeners and can help you get your foot through the door when it comes to getting exposure for your music. If our Listeners and visitors appreciates your music, they will share it with their friends across the world and your probability of getting more fans, followers on social media platforms, trafficking on streaming sites, purchase of songs, exposure to sponsors and established labels increases exponentially. Once they are logged on, they can tune in from any part of the world. College Students occupy a greater % of listeners and monthly Visitors across the globe on Rising Star Underground Radio LLC.

We focus on unsigned or undiscovered Artists, Bands and labels and through our listeners and visitors input in more than 100 countries, we continue to grow and build an exciting radio format and concept.

Rising Star Underground Radio LLC has over 5 MILLION website visitors and listeners around the world. We have multiple stations in different cities so you can either be global with our corporate station or specifically targeted to one of our cities.

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