Manuela Panizzo

Manuela Panizzo

Name: Manuela Panizzo

Music Genre: Music Genre


Manuela Panizzo, singer and songwriter soul/jazz vocalist, multi-instrumentalist (piano/guitar/trumpet), arranger, producer based in London, United Kingdom.

In 2012  Manuela released her album “Don’t Fall In Love With Me” and reached No.2 of the official UK Soul Chart. .

Since 2018 she released 4 singles, available on all digital platforms.

Manuela Panizzo

Manuela was born in Italy into a musical family and her vocal inspirations are Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston. She has toured in Europe and South America as lead vocalist of  the Amy Lives Project, a touring band which features the original members of the Amy Winehouse’s band.

Manuela’s new single is out on Christmas day 2020.

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