Thanos Zenzefyllis Chortaras

Thanos Zenzefyllis Chortaras

Name: Thanos Zenzefyllis Chortaras

Music genre: metal


I was born in 1980 in Athens Greece. At my 12 I grapped the guitar
My first live concerts took place at my 16 with a band I had then. I was the songwriter always and lyrics writter, guitar player and singer. This project “Hog Music Official” started at 2001 at my 21 and its a one man band project.
I record the songs on my own, on my home studio. My first recordings took place in 2001 and then my first Youtube upload was in 2009 with a video clip I made as I’ve studied Multimedia and took a diploma. I’m the main producer, songwriter, musical instrument player, singer and lyric writer, I also write books and I am a programmer..
I’ve made a social media that is free in the url where you can add pages free with photos text and whatever link you want.
My channel on Youtube is
you can purchase my music mastered on
Have a good time listening
Many thanks
Be well.

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