Richard Pitt

Richard Pitt

Name: Richard Pitt
Music genre: Pop


Sabi Pitt, A.K.A Richard Pitt, was born in Grenada located in the Caribbean. Sabi has a natural talent and gift for music. He traveled to Canada/USA in search of his dream to be the best Composer/ Producer he can be. Sabi is a visionary intent on merging his Afro Caribbean roots with his Afro American experience and his international musical development. Sabi’s exposure to Classical, jazz, Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Funk, Gospel, Reggae and Calypso gives him a unique sound.
Sabi Pitt studied Music at York University in Toronto Canada and New York University in New York; where he completed a Masters Degree in Music. This gave him historical insight and perspective about music. Sabi took all of his life experiences and merged them into his sound. Sabi’s music is very melodic with great beats and lyrics. His Hip Hop exposure gave him that street urban edge. What you get is his recipe for success.
Sabi Pitt is one of the most prolific composer and Producer of this time. He brings to the music business a unique fresh sound that incorporates an urban mixture of Pop/R&B/Rock/Hip-Hop/Afro Caribbean and techno music.
“Change The World”! The world is in turmoil. The siege of the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, political instability, child-abuse, poverty and other social ills abound. There is an unsettling of emotions all over the world. People are craving positive change. “Change The World” The song with the message of positive change.

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