Artist Name: The Tee Payper
Record Label: Tee Payper (New Prodigy Productions)
Music Genre: Pop
Other Genres: Punk/Rock/Soul Hip-Hop
Websites or Social Media Pages
Youtube: https://youtu.be/IWigV4RLO9Y
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact/?i=111k13azj5ewi&utm_content=kgtg3qb

The Tee Payper
What Musical Genre Do You Feel Best Describes Your Music And How Would You Describe Your Sound?
Storming out of the gate with The #GoatFiend record (chorus/hook) laced by fellow Rising Artist/Vocalist Band-mate “Cord” who delivered that rangy-soulful, rasby but electric (Lenny Kravitz) vybe creating a Wave All Our Own so to speak.. “Rock-Soul” of which I’d initially written with intentions being more of a (Country/TRap) record in sound comparison in essence to (Floridia-Georgia Line)..Thats what makes being apart of a vastly-Talented Band/Group you know, like a Team…Purposely-Driven to from angles each Artist or “Player” that helped nourish and manifest The #GoatFiend Sound..though being from 1 of the Most Diverse cities on the Planet in Houston,TX.. inherently representing different parts of Texas as well as Louisiana. So each Project is met with a Purpose-Driven (Masked-Singer) style approach in homage to Our (individual) Musical influences & inspirations crafting a Bold-blend of music that the masses can genuinely relate to..
How Did You Get Your Name? Is There A Story?
(Sighs) Yeah, well not much of a story, but more a corny joke, in partial credit to my Mother for blatantly ignoring thought ones name/initials that since the beginning of time had been referenced for 1 thing in the history of Man…(TP)…my then, genius 6th grade P.E. Teacher either unintentionally or purposely, yelled out in front the entire gym while marking us present for school that day, “Does anyone know if Toilet Paper here or is he still on the restroom!?”…..Sooo, Yeah needless that nickname, unfortunately, stuck with me literally throughout middle school up until 10th grade (smh)…..
I mean Tee Payper became my Alter-ego and so if the script will play itself out in theory
What Are or Have Been Your Musical Influences?
I consider my a conisuer of music..I honesly have a favorite hit song of every single Genre or music going as far back the 1950s-60s way before I was born of course but being an Athlete and a Band Geek growing up, once I’d gotten to college on an Athletic Scholarship at Sam Houston State Univ., my passion and love for music led me to adding a (History of Music) course though my Major was Psychology…
What Are You Working On Now? Any Future Collaborations We Can Look Forward To?
Mann, good question…Right off top, honored and ever more motivated by the not so much the Recognition they received
but more importantly how they Represent Our City thru themselves with style & grace our wildly-talented-Beautiful Women from My Hometown/City of Houston, of I’m talking about The Queen Bey”, Meg The Stallion & Lizzo re-setting the Standard in the game, on Music’s biggest night, on its Grandest-Stage at the Grammy’s last week, not only repping but as we say in #Htown they’ve been #HoldingItDine Plus being a #GirlDad potentially collaborating with any one those talented ladies would be Surreal..
What Is Your Favorite Track To Perform Live and Why?
Right now #GoatFiend of course because I feel that track is most relevant right now more than ever, especially in the context of of these times that we are living in and the collective Greatness overall from major sports to music, in correlation with a couple “great natural disasters” and amongst, the politics, social justice/BLM, global protests, the LGBTQ and Women’s rights etc..There’s Alot of GREAT content that We All can identify with and what better way than to bring that all together like a lot of artist are doing today in efforts to bridge the gaps..

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