kNowlege of truTh

kNowlege of truTh

Artist: kNowledge oF truTh
Music Genre: Blues
Other Genres: folk, trance
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I never planned to , produce and write any music, or alone, sing hahahha, this is all new to me, but, i do have, pain and happiness confusion, and , im just in aw off the world, , I always studied, about, the last day, and we all think yea yea, what ever,, but, the best, an attitude adjustment is, seeing it first hand, , matthew draw, a big, part to my music, i am not bible bashing or, trying to make anyone , believe, but, emotion, from my soul, spell out,, confidence, that i , done all my research, and, I believe were here, the rainbow, is a promise from god, never to destroy the earth again, and all the water lines on the mountains, tell, me deluge, of some, time, water covered the earth,, that is, a vision anyone can see, its reality,, now the reason, we are having all the suffering,, religions, saying they for give a mans sin, and kissing idols, that have no feeling, they dont eat, drink, its a image, and research, will tell anyone,its wrong, to our creator, to come to him thorugh a fake jesus, idol, kissing and bowing,, last time I checked, did Jesus already lose his life, to die for all mans sing the wahes of sin is death? so to me, lying, first off, the, praying to an idol, kissing, etc, and using Jesus, honorability, to outface lie, and have a lust for, the flesh of boys, my best friend was killed, by theses type of men, showing a type of godly devotion BUT Proving false to it Gary Bishop was the killer, Utah s.l.c. we all hung around, this guy, my iIhad a sense of, reading, people, at a young age, I left home at 13, and lived on the streets, in salt lake city Utah. I met many, types. and iIlistened watched, and, read the body language and, smirks, eyes, a certain way the nose, will give it away, my step father killed my mother, and then himself, but already nknew my family would die one day, so, I exercised, the ability, to pull away, to stop the pain, and cut all emotions, ot, a good thing, but as a boy, I was cast to be in the karate kid, movie, but, I stop, martial arts, and my big chance because, show business, is ugly, filthy, petiafiles, sheep in wolves clothing, I was molested, very young, my parents also threw me to the wolves, with no care,s o, one of the reasons, I promised my self at 11, I would never, let anyone be in control of my, I was locked in my room, broke the back picture tube, off, to have a way to use the bathroom life, true story, I I52 and follwed my gut, I married at 18 gave my all to a 32-year marriage, but, one has to gain respect and, humility, and th eneed to grow into manhood, I dropped out of school. I did not comprehend, words, but I had no sibling to teach me, so at 27, I found, Jehovah, psalms 83 18, well, better, put, he found me, I feel and then gained accurate, knowledge, not just words and dialect, what words to use, in a sentence, or to react, in a conversation, many stupid moments answering, with wrong words hahaha what embarrassment, I was a loner, no one got me, or understood me, I felt, I got a divorce 3 years ago, crawled into, many, holes, being put so low, from, words, at times. like a 2 edged sword, and cut deep and leave scars, I just want equal rights, a voice, respect, not talked down to respect, and love, if you love yourself, you would never belittle someone, for, self-gratification or gain, the difference between me, grew up on the streets, with the evil, my friends, got aught, but when they were with me, followed my gut, and made it through, life, and all that, into my songs, iI id not, write lyrics, did not write, certain, chords, I was inspired to, set down and, play life, everything you here is, one take, and inspiration and I always record, lately, so, it is my way, of, saying iI’mok world, a better person because of, and I have met my soul mate,S he is all iIever wanted, from life a chance, 8 000 miles away, we are almost exact in every thought outcome and dreams desired, wants need and a love like no other, she is my great coco warrior 5 years now long distance, soon we will reunite, and be married, ,reams and most of all never seperate, always hand in hand, iIwill follow with that mountain to slide to the bottom.b ut she pulled, or me pulling her, the love bond understanding, is, like none other, am a person of honor respect, I will go out of my way, to build up someone, even, if, I don’t understand, most important is, they know, who I am from the start, I will stretch the truth, too, give someone in need a shoulder, or, a connection, and, knows that I’m a person, of knowledge and truth.. I’ll shut up before, I will hurt someone for selfish, ego, so Maybe you can see, who and what I am,,I only have empathy for, all mankind, thank you, James Lindsay kNowledge oF truTh

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