StarDog Champion

StarDog Champion

Artist Name: StarDog Champion
Music Genre: Folk
Other Genres: Country, Blues
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StarDog Champion (Sini Joldic) is an croatian Singer/Songwriter who lives and work in Germany. After 25 Years playing Drums in several Bands the Musician decided 2012, to put the Drumsticks aside . With his former Bass-Player he founded an accoustic Duo (StreetDog Foundation), where he resumed the Songwriting and Singing. Also he improved his Guitar-Skills. It went good, one CD has been recorded , concerts been played. But after 5 years the Band splitted. Under the Name “StarDog Champion” Sini Joldic widened as an Solo – Artist. 2019 he recorded his Solo Debut “from this Point … all alone!” with 6 Songs an released in April 2020 He kept on writing Songs and performing live in Germany, Austria and Croatia. in March 2021 he released the Single “Anyway Gone” and the EP “Quarantine Sessions”.avaible at all Major Online Stores. At the Moment he is again in an writing Progress for new Songs!

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