Doomsday project

Doomsday project

Name: Doomsday project

Music genre: Rock


Officially Doomsday project was created by The Hand of Doom and Myself The Masked Mouse as a virtual internet band we manifested created&wrote every track we play all the instruments and do all the vocals as well as the prodcuction in Dr Dooms Bunker studio ( They don’t call him the Hand of Doom 4 nothing !! )..郎..hehe as well as The visuals and Art work✨ we created it all 1st.. then the guys came later..BassMan..Drum Master J and Proffessor Keyzz as a side project because they had their other bands commitments lives and dreams to follow as well..But are Always on call when the siren goes off !!!! we played a few gigs and had a RIOT..we played on The Kevin Moore Show and we even went 2 turntables 1.gasmasked Dj ( The Hand of Doom) spinning the backing tracks and a bandannerd Mouse Mc..on tha mic ! Gate crashing hiphop nights !!! So we have 3 different options to play our music and spread the message !!

  1. VIRTUAL = Internet Band /Live/Visuals/DDP. manga style !
  2. REALITY = Band or Mc/Dj live
  3. FULL VR = Due 2 travel restrictions/visas/CONvid666/ and because we wear masks and have no face we could perform in any country on the planet ? .. Plans to be Announced!! BEAM ME UP SCOTTY )..Hehee..x Love’Peace’Anarchy ..DDP.
    Doomsday Project !!! !! TUNE IN OR DROPOUT !!
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