Suzi Bee

Suzi Bee

Name: Suzi Bee

Music genre: Hip hop

From Hoemaker to Homemaker….
Suzi Bee is a legend in her own right, and has overcome many obstacles in her life to get where she is now! She started out in the music industry at a very young age but, she had obstacles to overcome. Through her journey, she learned various lessons! She has been in very dark places in her life but, the light in her overweight the darkness! She is a survivor from molestation, addiction, abuse, drugs, and poverty…letting NOTHING stand in her way, she is a firm believer that in GOD we do trust!! She was determined to overcome and achieve greatness! She always let music be her “escape”. She has been proven to be the one, to look at the obstacles in life Head On, and, to show others how to overcome them as well! She is also an author, and motivational speaker and an advocate for empowering All women! From the streetwalker to the homemaker and in between…she has been there and no matter what level you are on, she can help you get through it!!! She knows that it takes a union of women…. A Village! So, she has whipped up a Recipe that she firmly stands by to guarantee success in your life!!! Come on over to Suzi Beez Spot and see what she got cooking in her “kitchen”!!! “This My Story, These Are My Songs’ ‘…..
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