Rory David

Rory David

Name: Rory David
Music genre: Country
I started at age 10 playing bass in a band called Coolslide. Played with them until I started playing lead in another band called Neon Knights. After coming home from the military I took a few years off but started writing and playing seriously again about 5 years ago. So no matter what, I have tried to stay versatile. Music is music. I cannot say I have a favorite genre of music. When it comes to writing however, you will find that a lot of my songs are very much based on real life. I have had so many emails about how my songs have touched people very deeply and personally. I know sometimes the truth is hard to face, but as long as its out there, I will write about it. I am working on getting my name and music out there and I want to thank the management of this site for the wonderful job they do on here. Any musicians that are available and whom want to get their career off the ground please get a hold of me. After serving my time in the military my life took me down some tough roads. I’ve used those times as inspiration for my songs. A lot of what I write is reality based and heartfelt. Some of it has been considered quite controversial. Writing and singing has been my life passion. If I get the break I’m waiting for I will go all in, full force no holds barred. I want to thank everyone who has supported me in this journey over the last few years, you all are my reason for pushing on. I also thank all whom haven’t supported me, or whom have said I wasn’t good enough. You also are my inspiration, cause you push me to get better and better all the time. My extra special thanks goes to Mary Eaton and HC Howard, they have really shown faith in me, and are helping me in ways that noone has before, and I am forever indebted.

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