James Nikolas Music

James Nikolas Music

Name: James Nikolas Music
Music genre: Pop
Having been a guitarist for 30 years no, James’s love for music is still in full swing. Now a days his focus is just a little different. Having played most styles of music ranging from metal to jazz, he really has grasped the feel of how to approach music with his song writing. Really applying feel and emotion into his songs. “When I was playing guitar on a worship team over in Vancouver WA, I found a connection with music and the lord. Sometimes during a song, I would get so overwhelmed with emotion, that I would start to cry during the performance. Ever since then, I let the song direct me on where to go. I do not actually even start writing a song until a melody pops in my head, then I let my emotion and feeling take control of the direction. There is nothing better than writing music!”
During Covid James wrote around 25 songs. He started writing about 10+ years ago, but never really pursued it until Covid hit. Since all the shows dried up, there was only one direction to go in music to sustain. And that was writing original songs. For the past 10+ years country music has been his life. Playing in many local country bands and performing all over Oregon. Now that shows are pretty much nonexistent, writing original music was the best direction. He recently wrote a song called Dance All Night that is really doing well. Working with a producer out of Nashville and Vancouver WA, this song is really getting attention. It is a country pop dance tune that is all about getting off work, grabbing a girl and hittin that floor! Being a country dancer himself, this tune really hit home, and he is immensely proud of it. “I am really happy with how this tune turned out. My producer I work with in Nashville and Vancouver did such a fantastic job on helping bring this song to life!”
He just finished shooting a music video for this song and is already working on production for his next tune which is a romantic waltz. Right now, the focus is to release 1 to 3 songs a year. But hoping that will change if money starts coming in this year to help produce the other songs he has written. “There is nothing like the love of music, and how connected we are to it. Everyone has a song that connects them to something in their past that is meaningful! My best memory so far is my first tune I produced. I Was Wrong is the name of the song. A gentleman down South heard my acoustic version of it. One day I received an email from his wife who he had left for another woman. She was so thankful because he heard my song, and something in him clicked, and he is now back with his wife. He is the love of her life, and she was so overwhelmed with joy and happiness because of my song and how it brought them back together. Her story and what my song did for her brought tears to my eyes. I never could have thought something I wrote could have such an impact on someone. Just wow!” James’s still to this day talks with them and shared their life via Facebook to see how well they are doing. So amazing!

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