Little Dread Man

Little Dread Man

Name: Little Dread Man
Music genre: EDM
An introduction to Little Dread Man

Let the music speech for it self

Do you like Dub, Dubstep, Trip-Hop Downtempo, Upbeats, Chillout, Meditation and Drum & Bass? Then this is the Music Site for you. Do you like to just be here and right now in this moment and feel free? Then this is also the right Music Site for you. Are you tired of the mainstream? Then Little Dread Mans music should be like a new fresh inspirational moment for you.
My music is unique because I mix many genres (named earlier) into the same track. My music is created from the scratch, only some vocals are sampled and most of them are my own voice. If you like my music please be sure to visit my other music profiles like YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify and don´t forget to hit the subscribe button when you are there.
By subscribing you will help me to get closer and hopefully reach that 1000 subscribers goal. And I can start getting payed for my work and you will stay updated and se when there is new live releases out and other updates. Right now I´m building up interesting playlists on YouTube containing the categories above and also a playlist with my own created music.

Much Love
Little Dread Man

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