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Music Genre – Folk
Other music Genres – Neo Classical
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I am born in Athens, Greece, 1961. Raised in Netherlands and US, educated in Netherlands.
I have been Composer and Sound Designer for over thirty-five years, lately developing Sound Libraries as well.
Coming first from the classical music world, conservatory, oboe studies, I started working with different means in the eighties; electronic methods of composing and producing sound design and music.
Most of the time I have been working in The Netherlands and United Kingdom, mainly for stage plays and ballet.
I have strong ties with California US because of my early childhood in Palo Alto, and strong ties with the beauty of Western US nature, for ever.
Nowadays I am situated in rural France, Europe.

My journey of music and technology is one of hybrid forms combining instrumental and electronic music.
I used to work with true analogue equipment, e.g. analogue synthesizers, for example the semi-modular Korg PS3200.
But the upkeep and maintenance of those gear is fairly troublesome this day and age. So in a way I am being forced to use digital apparatus, such as computers…
After some years of digital hell, sometimes due to system bugs but quite often human errors, I worked myself towards heaven “even without noticing this very process”.
I discovered my creativity thrives best with random processes (..…)
Additional information about me you can find and

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