Name: Freddy Fisher

Music Genre: Hip Hop


I am OneSixTwo I’m a Hip hop/Alternative Rap/Cloud Rap/Other Artist/producer/songwriter/Singer from Mendocino County, Ca. Inspired by love and now speaking on behalf of my broken heart, turning my love into a product, Not only creating my music, I feature and work with a wide variety of artists from all over the globe! I have featured/worked with over 100 artists!~ and I have helped produce songs/rec, for many big artists like E40, Mike Marshall, Rappin 4-Tay, Equipto, The Grouch, Berner, Mistah Fab, Opio, and many more! I have over 20+ years of experience in mixing and Mastering & Vocals, been on several Mixtapes/Compilation Albums, Radio, Blog’s, Interview’s, Awards, Shows~ also If you are looking for a feature/need help with a project you can email me @

Links to Where My Music Can be Purchased–tommy-b

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