Kenny Peters

Kenny Peters

Name: Kenny Peters
Music genre: Pop
Kenny Peters is a singer, songwriter, and actor having – finally – the time of his life, following and pursing dreams that have affected him for five decades now. He is a pop singer with passion, a belter with a Broadway tune, and comfortable around most any genre. However, his specialty is melodic pop and anything with a catchy hook or a powerful message. His aim is to keep combining those elements in his own original material in the upcoming album entitled “Worth The Wait”, due out in either late 2021 or early 2022. The current single which previews part of his style is “With Love”. The single brought the artist’s profile on Reverbnation’s Pop Charts for Austin all the way to the # 1 position for the local and national charts, currently #14 on the National charts, and #47 on the Global charts. It is his highest charting and most successful single to date and was released on September 1, 2021, which was also his 56th birthday.

Entering into music and theater began for him in the 1980’s, and these years have been spent in continual development, learning new styles, techniques, and perfecting his own vocal style. He has grasped the changes in the music industry with great interest and manages his social media, always looking for ways to improve he touches. “We are never too old to pursue dreams we have. I have also come through tough times and situations and feel that if I was feeling something, I couldn’t be the only one, and perhaps one view I have may be a magic key to someone else to get through a hard time. Music seemed to make the most sense as a way to share those thoughts.” The album does have some heavy subjects. The afore-mentioned “No, Father”, “From My Mountain”, which deals with a bipolar diagnosis in 2008, “Opening Exits”, acknowledging suicidal tendencies associated with depression (all now wonderfully managed) and to love lost along the way. However, the high points of the album also exist in great detail: “Little Me”, the album’s powerful opening tune proposes a situation where one could travel back to their younger self and attempts to guide the younger version with messages. “It’s Alright”, about the ecstatic feeling of falling in love, “Grace”, a gentle loving nod to mothers everywhere, “Nightwind”, which details how the wind at night may just carry special moments and memories of those long gone, the instrumental “Rain”, and the album’s title track “Worth The Wait”, all shine with very listenable pop music that he hopes will resonate with many people.

Kenny’s been performing since that time, with vocals coming after high school, surprising many who had a lull in time around him. He grew up in the Dallas, TX area and became involved in local theater and in 1990, became one of the first Karaoke hosts in the state. Hosting shows for years, he finally left hosting to pursue recording and writing. Many opportunities opened up over the years, bringing success in shows like StarMania, a nationwide contest that ended up taking him to Las Vegas, recording opportunities that took him to Nashville, recording in Nightingale Studios for an album featuring unsigned singers called “New Faces II”, performing in New York City and being heard by many people “outside” his normal circles. He moved to Austin, TX in 2001 shortly after September 11th’s terrible events, and that event led him to write “I Wish You Christmas”, a song that continues to gain exposure each and every year. Performing with local choirs and bands, making a presence online has helped find new audiences and opportunities, with Reverbnation helping in great strides with each new release. Meeting writer and producer Steven Stephenson brought about their online collaboration of the sultry “Don’t You Want My Love Anymore?”, which served as his official first single, although that song is a one-off and not part of the “Worth The Wait” project.

He doesn’t promise that everyone will like the album, nor does he pretend that everyone “gets him” when it comes to his style. But what he does promise is that what is presented is from the heart, and written and sang from the heart of experience and the knowledge that there is always another out there who has lived through the roughest and come out on the other side, and is given in hope for others to do the same.

There’s a great energy surrounding this album and each song has been greeted with surprise and praise. “I can’t wait for the whole thing to be heard at one time, when finished. That’s when the bigger picture will come through.”, he says. “The ‘a-ha’ moment that I believe will actually make people understand the project – and me – much more clearly,”

In the meantime, Kenny’s music can be found on all the major streaming platforms, his own music website, Reverbnation, and his YouTube channel is usually adding at least a song a week, including old favorites and covers of some new and currently up-coming artists. Information about the album can be found at

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