Shayna Littke also known by her Artist name LADYSHAY; Is an American born electronic music artist, music producer, multiinstrumentalist and DJ From Sacramento California, USA.

She started creating and playing music back in 1997 as part of her local classroom band. She originally started by playing the flute among her other classmates in the school’s band.

Later on around 2003, She started to study and play different instruments including the electric guitar. She played electric guitars until 2011, when she discovered electronic music production. Shayna has been creating and crafting her own unique style since then.

In 2018, she released her first single to the public “Seduction” which can be heard on various streaming platforms and purchased in stores worldwide.

Currently as of 2022, LADYSHAY is set to release another single in January of this year. Followed by her debut album/LP which is still yet to be announced by her. She has stated: “The recent pandemic has really slowed down the process of production.”

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