Artists name/Band: itsBMnow

Music Genre : Hip Hop

Other Genres: Rap/Pop

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Driven by determination, talent and purpose artist and business oWner ItsBMnow hits the music world with an unrivalled story of turning pain into progress. Featuring consistently fresh twists on contemporary hip hop and songwriting, BM’s music leads with equal parts melodic appeal, rhythmic embrace, and unrelenting lyrical depth. Born and raised in Washington, D, BM emerges following an eight year prison sentence. The ex felon re-connects with the world as a fully committed entrepreneur and artist, with noteworthy collaborations and live performances alike creating unstoppable momentum. Blending intense bass with haunting piano and classic hip hop rhythms, the single “My City delivers the unmistakable tone and integrity of BM in a boldly unignorable fashion. The structure denotes a sharp awareness of what works in music across genres. From world flavors to catchy hooks and dreamy, immersive overlays, “My City’ resounds as both a motivational anthem and a lasting reminder of what’s possible amidst true creative freedom. With intricate sound-design and impactful, heavy drops, BM’s production speaks volumes on behalf of a limitless passion for music, and her bars inject a clear degree of skill and intention. Tracks like What Now, featuring 3ohBlack, and Life With You, featuring HeruTheTrap Violinist, undoubtedly further the impact and breadth of BM’s vision and reach. In June of 2022, BM graduated from Georgetown University’s Pivot Program, placing third in a pitch competition and taking home $3k to kickstart her own label WILDCHILD RECORDS LLC. She was later featured on Fox5 News for her achievements in light of a heavy prison sentence, and more recenty The ashington Business Journal is compiling a front page story to publish in December. My City’ was launched in July, with accompanying visuals made with BM’s 14 year old daughter. To follow, “YouLMD (You Let Me Down) brings a deeply moving single, with a feature from Michael Huntley. The song explores growing up with an absent father and a drug-addicted mother Though BM did eventually reconnect with her father, the disappointments of the past would soon reincarnate, and “You Let Me Down’ became an inevitable title for the future single. Inspired by the need for positive change in underprivileged communities, BM continues her climb as performer and influential figure, creating waves for both her fearlessly unique fusion of styles, and her unwavering devotion to the cause.

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