The Henry’s

The Henry’s

Artists name/Band : The Henry’s

Music Genre: Rock

Other Genres: Classic Rock, Blues, Pop

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The Henrys are an American rock & roll band whose music does not fit neatly into a single rock genre. The band is certainly steeped in the Southern and classic rock traditions, but is not shy about straying beyond those boundaries into blues or even pop if that is where the songwriting takes them. But, The Henrys are definitely a rock band through and through, and refer to their brand of music as Raw Dawg Rawk. As such, The Henrys don’t mind a rough edge or two on their songs – after all they are first and foremost a band built for live performance. For The Henrys, performing is the most important aspect of what they do. In the studio, their philosophy is that recordings should capture the energy and spontaneity of a live performance. Be that as it may, live or in a recording, The Henrys always leave their audiences wanting more.

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