Kristi Jacques

Kristi Jacques

Artist/Band : Kristi Jacques

Music Genre: Rock

Other Genre: Pop

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Intense distortion and enchanting melodies unite throughout the openly vulnerable, gritty and
infectious new hard-rock

anthem from songwriter and artist Kristi Jacques. Backed by the crisp and captivating sound of
singles like the rock

classic ‘Mosaic’, and the softer rock ballad of inspiring origins, ‘In Plain Sight’, the new release
elevates the versatility

and appeal of an increasingly unmistakable Kristi Jacques.

Utilising a fine build-up from heavy metal verses and soft vocals through to the further contrast
of a simple, satisfying

hook, the words ‘I am what I am’ wrap up the revealing details of the story, with a suddenly
inclusive, hugely anthemic

moment. Get Outta My Way’, released August 12th, brings back a nostalgic alt-rock writing style
and sound, yet also

introduces a fresh voice of authenticity, skill and purpose combined. Despite the clear talent,
professionalism and

appeal of her singles so far, Kristi takes on the music world of ‘22 after a multi-decade hiatus
from performing.

Currently based out of Myrtle Beach, SC, Kristi was raised in Charleston, and her background
included heavy

involvement in the local music scene, along with guitar lessons, singing, helping run a music
store, and working for an

entertainment newspaper. While life would soon deal other cards, her early years spent
immersed in the art-form

defiantly contributed to her newly found ability and desire to recapture a lifelong passion.
Notably moving from

strength to strength since re- embracing music, Kristi’s latest single ‘Get Outta My Way’ is
perhaps her most engaging

and infectious rock hit yet. An earworm intertwined with mighty escapism, a musically
captivating release, which draws

further focus to an artist and songwriter well worth knowing about.

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