The Anomalyser

The Anomalyser

Artists/Band : The Anomalyser

Music Genre : EDM

Other Genres : Electronic / Experimental

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The Anomalyser is a Producer and DJ from Braintree in the UK.

His musical journey began when he was 14 years old and plugged in a home made guitar his Dad had made into a Zoom FX Unit. After hearing what he heard in those headphones he was hooked on the guitar and started playing in a band and gigging at local venues. From the age of 17 after attending his first rave and being introduced to some Technics 1210s and a truck load of oldskool hardcore vinyl he began to DJ at small parties and dablein sequencing using a mates Roland TR-707 and SH-101.

After some time he began to start using Cubase with a combination of hardware synths to produce tunes. He and his mates started a business called Synthetic Studios, on a mushroom farm, where people would come and rehearse and record music. From here he started a band and began to play at small festivals and at numerous venues in Essex and London. After sending out demos there was some interest from EMI who likened the sound to a combination of the Cocteau Twins and Aphex Twin. Sadly this did not amount to anything and eventually the band split up. He now produces at home with a small setup using Cubase and various plugins and continues to DJ at parties.

Influences include:
The Prodigy, Noisia, Hybrid, Massive Attack, Tricky, UNKLE, Portishead, The Chemical Brothers, Alex Banks, Aphex Twin, Jon Hopkins, John Digweed, Andy C

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