Papa Bear

Papa Bear

Artist/Band : Papa Bear

Music Genre : Rock

Other Genre : Singer/Songwiter

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All songs are performed, produced and written by the Trev Brunwin (except where co-writers and performers are noted). Heavily influenced by music from 60’s, 70’s and 80’s from artists like Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Bowie and many others.
Started playing in 1968, as guitarist but spent most of my life as Bass player in Rock bands. 1971/72 Nymrod Road Show, 1972/74 Thor, 1974/1976 Studio work, 1977/78 Level Flight, 1979/1988 Production and Engineering work and experimenting with synths and midi only, 1989/1991 gigging with a co-operative band around Buckinghamshire. 1991/1995 Solo work with backing musicians, 1996/2006 “Gap Year(s)”, 2007 to now started again with reasonable studio of my own. 2012/2013 Co-wrote “The Wherry” with Steve Farrell and toured as well as some live performances as Papa Bear. 2014 to 2016 Live sound engineering with large PA, 2013/15 Bass with Trespass (Jazz/Folk/Pop), released the Inside Album, 2015/2019 Bass with Killing Floor (Blues/R&B).

My kids have helped me keep up with the music of this century. I am now getting on a but it has been a journey and now have time to involve myself more with writing and producing. Releases to date:
Evolutions (EP): Electronica produced in 1988.
Inside (Album): Eclectic mix of guitar written songs. Released in 2016.
Something (EP): An album of instrumental music produced in 2020.
Outside (Album): Another eclectic album of songs. Released in 2022.
Avus Ursa: Instrumental orchestral album of short themes Released 2022
Singles 2023: None of my Business
Both from the upcoming album “The return of the BFG”

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