Artists/Band : John Wessel

Music Genre : Rock

Other Genres : Blues

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John Wessel,

What Musical Genre Do You Feel Best Describes Your Music And How Would You Describe Your Sound?
Almost Classic Rock style and sometimes very Acoustic style

How Did You Get Your Name? Is There A Story?
I was born with it

What Are You Working On Now? Any Future Collaborations We Can Look Forward To?
Jethro Tull I played with Glenn Cornick original Bassit of Tull for many Years . Horslips from Ireland , Martial Tucker many more

What Is Your Ultimate Goal In The Music Industry? What Is Your Plan Of Action?
Just to be heard

What Is Your Favorite Track To Perform Live and Why?
Aqualung and Crosseyed Mary . No one else plays these songs around my area.

What Has Been The Biggest Challenge In Your Career Thus Far?
Band members who play in to many other bands desperate for money . 38 years with my current band Shameless . Hiring all new line up as if today .

What’s Your Typical Songwriting Process?
No particular process they just pop up in my head . Sometimes the music first other times the lyrics come up sometimes while I’m driving. I have paper bags and napkins with jotted down lyrics .

How Has Social Media Influenced Your Career As An Artist?
Very positive my live shows are very well received and return customers weekly .

What Are Some Tracks and Artists Currently On Your Playlist?
Steely Dan Martial Tucker Black Sabbath with and without Dio . Dio and I met in the 80s for a while . The Outsiders my First cousin Sonny Geraci was lead singer for Time Won’t Let Me then he sang lead vocal for Climax on Precious and few . My other cousin Anthony Teresi was the drummer for the Marketts they recorded Batman theme song and Out Of Limits .

What Did You Do Before You Started Making Music?
Started when I was 10 years old .

Any Advice For Young People (Men or Women) That Want To Succeed In The Music World?
Always have a real job to keep you from financial stress.

What Would You Change In The Music Industry If You Were A Top Music Executive?
I would get back to hinting down real bands and Artist and do like the old days . Stop picking up Boy Bands or Just young solo people which most are not great singers and use to many effects on their vocals.

How Do You Feel About Originality?
It should be what ever your heart and soul tell you to create . Write about things you care about .

Is There Anything Else We Should Know About You Or That You Would Like to Add?
I am a lead and backup singer , I play Flute , sax and keyboards . I play an average it 20 shows per month .

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