The Dobermans

The Dobermans

Artists/Band: The Dobermans

Music Genre : Rock

Other Genre: Indie

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Seemingly making something out of nothing, Chris Doberman makes highly original music from his self taught, ear trained musical talents and his somewhat unique perspective. Chris is a prolific songwriting working in many styles, despite being permanently disabled. The cruel grip of paranoid schizophrenia has not stopped Chris from releasing two full length albums, “Non Ad Imperium Nec Coerceri” and “Fortis Pro Familia”. He has also been featured on Auxois FM, a terrestrial radio station in France, the Reverbnation Monthly Mix playlist, and others. He even held a meeting with The Animal Farm record label in London, England. If anything, Chris is an example of how people can achieve anything that they intend, so long as they don’t give up.

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