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Ray Thompson

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Music Genre : Pop

Others : Singer songwriter

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Just an old dog learning new tricks

Ray Thomas Thompson is a guitarist and singer-songwriter currently living in Kettering, UK.
Reverbnation Singer-songwriter No.1 artist.
“Sometimes in life you have to put others first. But, you are left wondering if you will ever get the chance to be who you want to be, do what you want to do. Eventually the hunger and thirst of what you really want to do becomes unbearable, you have to be who you are meant to be, do what you are meant to do, live your life with no regrets”.
Ray started his musical career at the age of 17 when he joined local band ‘Play the Joker’ who were already an established original young band. Rays first gig with the band was at the Northampton College. His fondest memory was when the band went to Manchester to make a video for their second album. Unfortunately, this was short lived and the band split. Ray then started his first band ‘Body N Soul ‘. After a number of years, Ray dissolved this band to concentrate more on song writing and family life. After a spell, living in Australia Ray returned to the UK and formed a new cover band called ‘The Desperados’ with long term friend and former band member of ‘Body N Soul’ John Carter.
Playing his own music at various acoustic nights and festivals, Ray felt his own music needed a band to display the songs better and therefore in May 2014 Ray formed another band ‘Milton Road’. But, after the non-starter of the band ‘Milton Road’ Ray is currently working again solo. Currently working to complete his third album “No regrets”. The first songs will be finished for release in April\May of 2023
To date Ray has a solo album out called ‘Upwards and Onwards’ and a band album called ‘Corby Boy’.



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