Janet’s Jukebox 1

Janet’s Jukebox 1

Artists/Band : Janet’s Jukebox 1

Music Genre : Rock

Other Genre: Alternative Rock and Adult Contemporary

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Janet Montalbo BIO

Website: Janetmontalbo.com.Janetmontalbo (this website is active but still a work in progress)

An American Singer Songwriter, grew up in New Jersey just across the river from Manhattan.
She spent the majority of her younger years around NYC auditioning for working bands and working at recording studios as a pack-up singer

Studied music at Jersey City State College and with Private vocal coach Jean Caroline a singer with the Metropolitan Opera Co and teacher at Columbia Univ Music Conservatory.
Self-taught on guitar and percussion.

Currently living in Long Island and performs with these local bands called:
The Incredible AM FM Time Machine (shows covering music of the 60s and 70s)
The 60’s Invasion (shows covering music of the 60s)
FM (a Steely Dan Tribute Band)
Jplanet and the Aliens (all her own original music)
Groovin Blue (shows tribute to Linda Ronstadt)
The Other Shoe (all original music band that she writes for and performs with)

All original songs can be found and purchased on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer and YouTube

Links to Where My Music Can be Purchased

applemusic.com/janetmontalbo, Spotify.com (search by Janet Montalbo) Youtube.com (search by JanetMontlbo

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