River Road Project

River Road Project

Artists/Band : River Road Project

Music Genre : Pop

Other Genre: Folk

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River Road Project Bio

Hi all, My name is Lee. I am the voice and the rhythm guitar player of the songs under the artist name River Road Project (https://reverbnation.com/riverroadproject/songs). You will also find a lot of the lyrics are mine and quite a few are collaborations with other lyricists. All of the melodies and chords in the songs are my creation.

The most beautiful thing to come out of my life are my 4 daughters whom I love dearly – nothing will replace them. They are grown now, been to or are at university and pursuing their own lives. The eldest was raised by her mum and not by me but I never forgot her.

Other than my children and the time spent with them my life has been filled at times with sadness, mental illness, anger, grief, violence, cynicism and pessimism.

How did I end up writing and composing songs? At the age of 24 I became interested in astrology. I became curious about whether I had hidden talents. So I used astrology to find out.

The aspects Venus trine Neptune, Jupiter trine Neptune, Venus conjunct Mars and Venus conjunct Jupiter described me as potentially having literary and possibly musical talents. So I started writing poetry to see if this was true. Eventually poetry led to writing lyrics. But I did not know how to play a musical instrument so I tried to find others who could compose music to my lyrics – without luck. That’s when I bought myself a guitar and taught myself how to play it – yes taught myself.

But it wasnt until 2009, when I was separated from my wife and my children that I picked up the guitar and started seriously writing and composing songs.

15 years on I had either written my own or collaborated on many to the point that there are now about 200 songs. Most of those songs are registered with APRA. I continue to write, I continue to collaborate.

“I love writing songs – it’s like trying to work out the combination to a safe” – Lee

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